Author: Pro-Guard Environmental Solutions |

Segregation of product

  • Separation Walls; Non-Combustible or Fire Rated
  • Provides complete separation of products from sump to roof, to allow for the storage of incompatible products.

Shelving / Pallet Racking Packages

  • Adjustable shelving of 12 ga. galvanized steel
  • Pallet racking – for double stacking pallets, totes or bags

Loading Ramps

  • Allows for easy access when loading the storage unit using a dolly or cart

Lifting Lugs

  • Skid level lifting lugs provide assistance for off-loading using a spreader bar

Flooring Options

  • Steel, fibreglass or painted

Hoisting Options

  • XY Gantry Crane and Hoist – allows for picking up drums outside of the unit and moving drums throughout the storage unit


  • Man-doors, rollup doors, or chain link closures
  • Chain link Extensions
  • Pre-keyed Door