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Emergency Equipment and Materials Storage

Pro-Guard Environmental Solutions designs and manufactures a full line of Industrial Emergency Showers and Hazardous Materials Storage buildings.

Our emergency shower product line and HAZMAT building product line are sold under the brand Pro-Guard Environmental Solutions. We offer several styles and models to meet your safety environmental needs.

We've set about developing a comprehensive line of Pro-Guard storage products and emergency showers that are designed to exceed all applicable codes, standards and certifications.

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Reduce your risk with our line of Hazardous Materials Storage, Containment Solutions, and Emergency Showers.

Emergency Showers

The workplace can be a dangerous place, it doesn’t matter how many safety protocols, engineering controls we take or regulations we follow, we know one constant is apparent, accidents do and will happen. How we respond to these incidents will determine the victim’s outcome and quite possibly your companies' future.

Hazardous Materials Storage

Built for storing Compressed Gas Cylinders. Features available:

  • Checkerplate flooring

  • Low rise ramp for easy of moving cylinders

  • Cylinder racks and strapping to keep cylinders from falling

  • Lockable chainlink face to secure your storage

Custom Applications

As an emerging leader in manufacturing, Pro-Guard Environmental Solutions strives to ensure each customer receives a product that suits the needs and specifications they desire.

To meet these needs, we engineer custom hazardous materials storage and emergency shower units. We are dedicated to creating equipment solutions for a variety of applications. View some of our previous custom models below.


Customize your hazardous material containment system or shower to meet your site-specific convenience and application needs by taking advantage of a pre-fabricated and assembled structure with an extensive catalogue of accessories.